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CHRISTCHURCH NZ NOF IS ISSUING AGENCY FOR PAGO PAGO INTL NOTAMS CTC NR 64 33581688. Toggle navigation. Pago Pago International Airport will also provide a copy of approved TDP to airlines requesting diversion plan to PPG and other emergency support en route in the South Pacific. The airport is one of three operated by DPA, the others being smaller general aviation airports at Ofu and Fitiuta. Use the links below to read detailed information about airports in American Samoa: locations, routes, live departures and arrivals etc. Find the travel option that best suits you. Name of Airport: Pago Pago International Airport, Name and title of person preparing the plan: Tavita (David) Fuimaono, Airport Manager. Provide a sterile area following excessive tarmac delays for passengers who have not yet cleared American Samoa Customs. He says that there were some people in Apia who requested to return on the flight, which took the engineer to Samoa. Our airport fence is perhaps one of the best throughout all airports in the Pacific Region. Our airport is known for its incident free record in the Pacfic Region dating back 30 years. December 10, 2020 HOME Segmented circle:                      Yes. PPG is American Samoa’s primary commercial service airport as identified by the NPIAS. Taxis vary in quality from excellent down to only fair. Honolulu, HAWAII — The city’s mobile testing lab at Honolulu’s airport is ramping up operations ― and is now a trusted inter-county testing partner. Airport use: Open to the publicActivation date: 01/1956Sectional chart: GNC 20Control tower: NoARTCC: HONOLULU CONTROL FACILITY CENTERFSS: HONOLULU FLIGHT SERVICE STATIONNOTAMs facility: PPG (NOTAM-D service available)Attendance: CONTINUOUSWind indicator: Lighted, LGTD WIND CONE 800’ FROM THR & 240’ SE RWY 05 CNTRLN.Segmented circle: YesLights: DUSK-DAWN. There are other two, general aviation American Samoa airports, but we haven’t included them here, since they don’t have commercial flights. Its primary runway, Runway 5-23, is 10,000 feet long and 150 feet wide and has a precision instrument approach procedure. PPG was first used for passenger service in the latter half of the 1950’s. Whether you are Samoan and returning home, or a visitor coming to experience the peace and beauty of our islands, we wish you a warm welcome. Turn left at this sign. During diversion events Pago Pago issues NOTAMs regarding its ability to accommodate diverted flights to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the airport and its ability to serve the civil aviation needs of the public during irregular operations events. The Samoan archipelago is approximately 2,600 miles south-southwest of Hawaii and 4,600 miles west-southwest from Los Angeles, 1,800 miles east-northeast from New Zealand, and 2,700 miles northeast of Australia. document.getElementById('cloakf05051aa9f7b822712f92b2183dae170').innerHTML = ''; var prefix = 'ma' + 'il' + 'to'; Find out the location of Ofu Airport on American Samoa map and also find out airports near to Ofu. It has humid days and nights. Pago Pago can be characterized as a warm, tropical island surrounded by the South Pacific Ocean. Welcome to Samoa Airport Authority & Faleolo International Airport. It contains all public-use and military airports. Phone number 685-42530 is a direct line that rings in the tower instead of the airport switchboard. In the early 1950s, the airport was comprised of a 6,000-foot grass and coral strip identified as Runway 8-26. Instrument approach:                  ILS/DME, Obstructions:                             446 ft. hill, lighted, 12200 ft. from             8 ft. fence, lighted, 300 ft. from. runway,1000 ft. left or centerline,             runway, 12:1 slope to clear. American Samoa. There are no land neighbouring countries. Our top priority is the security and safety of all airport operations by the end of the day; in compliance with federal regulations and quarterly inspections of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), Transportation Security Clearinghouse (TSC), American Association of Airport Executive (AAAE) and the Federal American Airlines (FAA). Faleolo Airport is your gateway to Samoa, the Pearl of the Pacific with direct jet service to many major airports in the Pacific region. Elevation:                                   31.9 ft.                                                  9.3 ft. Gradient:                                    0.2%                                                     0.2%, Traffic pattern:                            Right                                                     Left, Runway heading:                        048 magnetic, 060 true                           228 magnetic, 240 true. American Samoa is located to the west of the Cook Islands, north of Tonga, and some 300 miles south of Tokelau. PLAN TO PROVIDE FOR THE SHARING OF FACILITIES AND MAKE GATES AVAILABLE IN AN EMERGENCY. PPG has limited equipment and personnel needed to safely deplane passengers from air carrier aircraft. Rome2rio makes travelling from St. Louis Airport (STL) to American Samoa easy. Our services is to guarantee your safety upon returning or departuring our beautiful island. In 1994, a new airport gift shops building was constructed, using EDA funds, and portions of Runway 5 were resurfaced with a porous friction course.

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