How to Potty Train a Dog – Tips on How to Potty Train a Dog

Let me share some tips on how to potty train a dog. You have probably heard the saying, “Be the boss” and if you want to make your dogs happy and relaxed, be their boss. Do not make this work difficult and very frustrating for your dog. There are many tips on how to potty train a dog.

Start the training of your dog from the moment it is born. This will make training easier for both you and your dog. You can teach your dog to go potty anywhere you want it. When your dog goes potty outside the house, you do not have to wake up early. You can let your dog sleep but still do not let it pee in the other room.

Make sure that you and your dog know each other well enough to talk when it comes to the training. You can do this by using positive words. The more words you use the easier it will be for your dog to learn. A good example of such words is “Good!” or “Ouch!”

Start by giving the command to go potty to your dog when you hear it barking. Say the command slowly while you give positive words like “Good!” or “Ouch!”

If your dog starts to bark, do not give the command again. You have to tell your dog what you want it to do instead. It will feel more comfortable and it will follow the command.

When your dog is ready to go potty, use the command while you are standing or sitting. Do not get any closer to your dog. Do not let it even sniff at the toilet bowl. The command you use should be shorter than the barking. Do not repeat the same commands several times. Instead, give the command once and let the dog’s response tell you the word to be used. If it does not bark, then you know it was not happy with the command.

If your dog’s response is “NO”, try again later. It could be that your dog did not really want to go pin the toilet potty.

If your dog barks for an hour at least, you should let it go potty outside. Just get in the habit of talking to your dog every time it does potty. When you give the command, do not keep silent.

If the dog tries to get out of the bathroom by barking, you may need to separate the two. Do not stop the command for a minute. Just keep repeating the command. If the dog does not stop barking, just ignore it and start over.

Keep trying until you have been successful with the dog. This will help you understand the techniques of how to potty train a dog effectively. Some of these tips will come in handy later on.

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