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If you’ve ever wondered how people get so into a habit of giving tips and tricks to other people they meet, chances are it’s a reaction to being taken advantage of or just downright rude. You may have observed this in a pet store. Or maybe you’ve noticed it while visiting a friend who has an animal.

It’s not like they need for these tips has somehow suddenly become vital, but perhaps it is more than a coincidence that they are in special use. Dog groomers (and some dog owners) simply find it difficult to resist the urge to give one another a friendly, high-five, fist bump and run-on hug when a person gives them a tip.

The physical act of turning your head from side to side and changing direction can give away the attitude of a person depending on what they’re about to say. And body language, in this case, will make all the difference between treating someone as an equal and treating them like a child.

If you’ve been in a situation where the dog groomer had to gently advise you to stop dragging the snarling, wayward thing, after you yanked at its leash, you’ll understand that you were given a simple tip with no additional baggage. A good tip, but it doesn’t really give you any extra importance over the handling of the dog you’re not yet familiar with.

Tipping people is a solution to the problem of being rejected. It is a self-defensive action designed to protect you and the dog in such a way that the other person can’t immediately identify the owner like you.

If you don’t like a person or are rejected, you know how people turn their backs on you if they’re not getting a positive response from you, you’re negative feelings become self-inflicted, and they lash out and develop habits that hurt them in the future. So tipping a dog groomer can help you avoid those problems.

A tip for tipping will probably give you a feeling of relief and feel good, as well as give you satisfaction. But after a few hours, you’ll still feel that level of good feeling and then you’re confident in tipping will slip and you’ll be grateful that a tip really did help you. Your satisfaction may never be able to overcome the embarrassment you felt as you watched the others give each other pet dog grooming tips, but it was a small comfort.

Tension can happen when you first meet someone new, especially if it’s someone who is unlike you in many ways. The change in the attitude of the new person can be stressful, to say the least.

You could be sure that the dog groomer who gave you a gift of a friendly tip didn’t see anything wrong with giving the tip to you. Maybe you’re the kind of person who is always tempted to be taken advantage of by somebody who seems to want you to stay in their orbit and keep doing whatever it is you do.

To avoid that problem, you should be sure to take extra steps to learn the basics of dog training before you attempt to tackle serious training. The same is true for the etiquette of tipping a groomer or the other things that are taught in classes, but you should be sure to take some time to learn how to treat other people with respect and avoid the possibility of stepping into a vicious cycle of rejection.

Tipping a dog groomer is one tip that helps everyone avoid the traps of being used by a person who wants something from you. But in order to avoid falling into the trap, you need to really know the basics of dog grooming. Learning the basics of dog grooming gives you the extra confidence you need to turn the tables and decide who has to provide the nice tips for you.

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