Best scratching posts for cats

Given the complexity of this apparently simple accessory, choosing the best scratching post for your needs could be a rather complex thing and, often, you risk spending more than necessary to be able to take home the model that best suits you and your own kitty: here’s how to choosing the best cat scratching post.

When you have a cat at home and you want to limit the damage it could do, a  scratching post is an ideal solution: it is an accessory in which the cat can scratch in peace as well as climb and sharpen its nails in complete safety. But what is a scratching post? It is nothing more than a structure designed to meet the needs of cats which, in fact, plays the role of a tree substitute, reducing the chances that your little friend is tempted to scratch, ruin curtains, sofas, carpets, even marking the territory. . And if for many the scratching post could be a senseless expense, in reality, it is one of the most important accessories if they make the decision to adopt a small kitten because, in this way, in addition to safeguarding the objects in the house, it will also be allowed to carry out a real physical activity, very important to prevent the cat from becoming obese.

In the market, however, many types of scratching posts are on sale,  each of which is suitable for the needs of small cats at home. The more complex and tall the structure, the greater the chance that the cat can let off steam and have fun and always remain on the move and healthy.

In short, given the complexity of this apparently simple accessory, choosing the best scratching post for your needs could be a rather complex thing and, often, you risk spending more than necessary to be able to take home the model that suits you best and your cat.

For this reason, we have decided to come to your rescue by listing all the factors to take into consideration before purchasing the best scratching post for your needs, and then move on to a real buying guide in which we will list the models that in our opinion they have the best value for money.

How to teach your cat to use a scratching post

To be able to make your cat understand that it can vent its instincts on the scratching post, it is important to remember that this particular type of animal loves to keep everything under control, especially with regard to the domestic habits of its owners. For this, the essential factor in teaching your cat to use a scratching post, it is important to choose the right position.

Our advice is to place the structure in a room with a lot of movement, where you spend most of your time when you are at home. In addition to the living room, a good location could be a corridor or other passageways, or a window, so that the cat can also control what is happening outside.

Another tip for teaching your cat to use a scratching post would be to place it in the room where it usually sleeps, or near a heat source to ensure maximum relaxation and well-being for the cat. But one thing is certain, if you have more cats at home, you should consider buying more scratching posts: the cat is very territorial and it could lead to “domestic battles”.

How to choose the best scratching post

In general, the factors to take into consideration before buying the best scratching post for your needs are not many, but they are all of vital importance in order to be sure of obtaining benefits for yourself and for the cat.


It is not easy to initially understand which is the best scratching post for your cat because, in reality, different types of products are on sale, suitable for all spaces (and all budgets). Here are the most common and most functional ones

Carpet scratching posts: they are the simplest and least expensive ones to buy. It is a real square and soft carpet made up of different sections made of different materials. The most common variant is the one in the shape of a doormat made of cardboard which, often, is sold with a bag of catnip with which you can induce your cat to get on it. Clearly, this is a type with a decidedly reduced size, but its functionality is equally reduced: it will only be used for filing the cat’s nails, without offering it other possibilities for movement or physical activity.

Scratching post: in this type, the structure is a column and is supported by a very solid horizontal base. Generally, the cover is made of rope and includes a small kennel or a plush ball with which the cat can play. In general, the average height of a log scratching post is about 89 cm, to allow the cat to climb, and is a good solution for those looking for a good compromise between benefits for the cat and bulk.

Tree scratching post: it is the type with the most complex structure which, always vertically, is made with different floors, logs, and additional elements, including some ladders and some small niches. It is the most widespread and versatile category among the scratching posts that are not only the most appreciated by cats, but it is the one that could be sold at a higher price given its complexity. However, it is a long-term investment for your cat, because it can be transformed into a real carousel for cats, which will allow the feline to scratch, salt, play but also to sleep in complete relaxation. The average height of tree-type scratching posts is however much higher than the other types, we are talking about 150 cm, and consequently so is the size and weight of the base.


The materials with which the scratching post is made are another very important factor for the choice of this particular accessory. In the best scratching posts, the skeleton is usually made of wood, while in the simpler models it is made of cardboard. Then the logs must be coated with rough and yielding materials, such as Sisal, an excellent natural textile fiber.

Finally, the covering of the base and all the other elements of the structure must be made with soft materials, such as flannel and carpet, but it is very important that they are non-toxic materials for cats, since the little cats will spend the most time playing on the scratching post.


Another essential factor in choosing a scratching post is color. Our advice is to opt for a model that is as close to the color as your feline’s fur. And the reason is simple: after so many hours of play, tufts of fur will certainly remain on the structure and shade of color similar to that of the cat’s coat, will certainly make them less visible.

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