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65. 36. D) 75 percent However, there’s a key E) Zero since the CPI does not measure consumer price changes Financial Accounting vs. "Other" Accounting. It is a small but publicly, Case Study: The Comic Book Publication Group (CBPG) specializes in creating, illustrating, writing, and printing various publications. 8. E) Minimizing transportation expenses through careful planning Actual return on plan assets 180,000. Goals are what allow you to practice delayed gratification. Financial accounting represents just one sector in the field of business accounting. He just received an offer for a position that pays 2/3 the salary of his old job. It shows the Assets owned by the business on one side and sources of funds used by the business to own such assets in the form of Capital contribution and liabilities incurred by the business on the other side. D) $1,030 Sally Smith's friends have told her that they think she should consider a visit to a personal financial planner. The required return on the stock market is 10.00%, and the risk-free rate is 2.25%. A) Greater than the inflation rate as reported by the CPI since the index excludes the product or service with the highest inflation rate for the past 12 months Service cost $ 200,000. E) Obtain adequate insurance protection. Course Hero is not sponsored or endorsed by any college or university. Which of the following short-term goals is stated most clearly? TEACHER LESSON PLAN Lesson 2-1: Using Credit ©2014 National Endowment for Financial Education Lesson 2-1: Using Credit High School Financial Planning Program 1 June 2014 OVERVIEW Credit cards, auto loans, home mortgages, pawn shops … you’ve probably heard a lot about debt over the years—good and bad. Inflation reduces the buying power of money. He wants to buy a new car but was told that his interest rate on a loan would be very high. 11. D) personal 7. 9. A formalized report that summarizes your current financial situation, analyzes your financial needs, and recommends a direction for your financial activities is a(n), The major function of a financial plan is to. Used to estimate how long it takes for prices to double using a given annual inflation rate. Buy a car for less than $17,000 within 6 months. Developing a budget is part of the "spending" component of financial planning. The development and execution of strategic plans is a well-thought-out plan performed in three critical steps: Interest earned is calculated by multiplying the principle times the opportunity cost. B) Investing for long-term growth What is the most likely reason this might be so? Financial leverage is the use of borrowed money (debt) to finance the purchase of assets Types of Assets Common types of assets include current, non-current, physical, intangible, operating, and non-operating. B) Planning The 'borrowing' activity in a financial plan relates to, E. Maintaining control of credit-buying habits. Higher consumer prices are likely to be accompanied by, An investor should expect to receive a risk premium for, C. Higher potential earnings due to uncertainty. The problem of bankruptcy is associated with poor decisions in the ______________ component of financial planning. D. Sally plans to quit her job and volunteer for local organizations. , figures become not only an estimated result but also an actual strategy or plan, a map illustrating a path to achieve a goal. B) A current will The actual cost of living increase for a household will be: Personal financial planning is the process of managing your money to achieve personal economic satisfaction. Thus, costs occur earlier than the benefits, and owners of facilities must obtain the capital resources to finance the costs of construction. D) Improve your credit rating. C) Setting up a budget This easy-to-use quiz will test your knowledge of personal finance management. But Mission statement: The mission statement is an overarching, timeless expression of your purpose and aspiration, addressing both what you seek to […] Purchasing a car is an example of a durable-product goal. D) Present value of an annuity Investing for long-term growth C. Setting up a budget D. Obtaining financial resources from employment, investments or ownership E. Maintaining control of credit-buying habits A financial plan is an informal report that analyzes past financial decisions. Another sector, managerial accounting, is so named because it provides financial information to a company's management.This information is generally internal (not distributed outside of the company) and is primarily used by management to make decisions. E) Spending She thinks that she will need a total of $32,000 to pay for school, and she wants to save money each month to reach her goal. 18) Why is financial planning important in a highly uncertain financial environment. E) Future value of an annuity Opportunity costs refer to money already spent. Jennifer Rodriguez plans to attend graduate school in 5 years. There isn’t one. #1. Super Strong, Meaningful Goals. B) $889 Summarize two or three new things that you learned from the story. Who is most likely to benefit by inflation? A) True Finance. The cost of debt is the rate a company pays on its debt, such as bonds and loans. If you’re a current or future college student, chances are good that you’re considering a student loan. A question associated with the saving component of financial planning is: A. C) Simple interest His credit rating is poor because of his late payments. Assumptions include inflation rates, rate of return on investments, tax bracket, years of work remaining, and life expectancy. Attempts to increase income are part of the _____________ component of financial planning. 2 Accounting Fundamentals for Health Care Management The financial accounting aspect of account- ing is a formalized system designed to record the financial history of the health care orga-nization. The rising or falling of prices that causes changes in buying power is referred to as ____________ risk. A. 5. They can also be used as a tool to plan for certain results. Investment in a constructed facility represents a cost in the short term that returns benefits only over the long term use of the facility. Kraft, Inc. sponsors a defined-benefit pension plan. The financial accountant is simply a historian who uses dollar signs. Inflation is most harmful to people with incomes expected to increase. A firm's Cost of capital is the cost it must pay to raise funds—either by selling bonds, borrowing, or equity financing. What type of computation should she use?-52081 C) Equal to the inflation rate as reported by the CPI since it includes all products and services whether or not the prices have changed in the past 12 months Whi, The Comic Book Publication Group (CBPG) specializes in creating, illustrating, writing, and printing various publications. B) Future value of a single amount Review of the value add to the pediatric hospital as a newly hired sen. 7. Financing of Constructed Facilities 7.1 The Financing Problem. Risks associated with most financial decisions are easy to measure. The industry is currently assessing the impact of the Standard on its C) $1,000 The following data relates to the operation of the plan for the year 2011. (p. 7-8) The ‘borrowing' activity in a financial plan relates to A. What is Financial Leverage? A) Reduce taxes. The strategic plan provides the broader context for short and long-term financial plans. adequate insurance coverage E) Maintaining control over credit-buying habits The life situation of a household has little influence on personal financial planning decisions. An advantage of personal financial planning is: C. Increased control of financial affairs, The stages that an individual goes through based on stages in the family and financial needs is called the. One component of pension expense is actual return on plan assets. If a $10,000 investment earns interest of $500 in one year, what is its rate of return? Short-term goals are usually achieved within the next year or so. Plan assets include A) plan assets still under the control of the company. What’s the point of even having a financial plan if you don’t have any goals? 10. If you want to make headway financially you need goals that are strong enough to inspire you to action. 2. A) 5 percent Do you have an adequate emergency fund? In many cases, the most important of these by far is taxation. A) Present value of a single amount PwC TIAG perspectives on IFRS 15 IFRS 15 – Significant financing components Introduction IFRS 15, Revenue from Contracts with Customers (the Standard), will have a profound impact on the way in which the Communications industry measures and reports revenue. 4. Balance Sheet reports the financial position of the businessat a particular point of time. 1. The major function of personal financial planning is to It is also known as the Statement of Financial Position or Statement of Financial Condition or Position Statement. E) liquidity Attempts to increase income through employment are part of the _____________ component of financial planning. A fixed Budget is a financial plan that does not change through the budget period, irrespective of any changes from the plan in actual activity levels experienced . The financial activities for a young, single person will probably be the same as those for an older couple with no dependent children at home. This standard prescribes the accounting treatment of borrowing cost, the circumstance in which the borrowing cost will be capitalized and when it will be recognized as expense. A. "Cost of" Metric 1 Two Definitions for Cost of Capital. When projected in the form of a budget A projection of the financial requirements and consequences of a plan. C) none of these answers are correct. C) Achieve personal economic satisfaction.

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